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Pre-Owned Waldorf STVC String Synth and Vocoder

by Waldorf
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Waldorf STVC String Synth's string section starts with an oscillator bank using octave dividers, followed by a complex mixer, an equalizer and the ensemble effect, just like string machines from the 70's. A single registration knob sweeps through mixer and EQ settings for Violin, Viola, Cello, Brass, Organ, Choir and more for creating rich and creamy sonic textures.

The Solo section is a 16-voice synthesizer that complements the string sounds. A single Tone knob sweeps through many useful settings. Solo is the sidekick to the strings, but it is powerful enough to be the lead character every now and then.

The Vocoder replaces the equalizer in the string section with the filter bank that models the vocal tract from the speech input. This can produce quite intelligible speech or singing using the fully polyphonic oscillator bank. Formants can be modified, which can result in a perceived change of gender. Adjustable jitter of the string oscillators renders the voice hoarse, creaky or a complete whisper. Solo can pass through the Vocoder or play in parallel.

Full metal case
Keyboard with 49 keys, aftertouch and velocity
Keyboard transpose +/- 24 semitones via dedicated switch
Pitch bend and Modulation Wheel
128x64 pixel OLED
10 potentiometers, 1 encoder, 9 backlit buttons, 5 switches
44 cm gooseneck microphone with indicator LED

MIDI in/out
6.3 mm Sustain Pedal input
6.3 mm Expression/Ext. signal
3.5 mm Headphone out
6.3 mm Line out Left/Stereo
6.3 mm Line out Right/Mono
XLR Microphone jack on front panel

Sound engine:
Fully polyphonic String section
Continuous morphing of String Registration
16 Voice polyphonic Solo section
Continuous morphing of Solo sounds
Tremolo for Solo
126 programmable patches in three banks
Tweak for modulation and specific adjustments

STVC UIVocoder:
256 Filter bands
Excellent intelligibility
Formant modification
Freeze mode
Fully polyphonic carrier
Optional jitter for string carrier
Continuous morphing of Registration

Animate Effect for modulation of Registration
Ensemble/Chorus Effect for Strings and Vocoder
Phaser Effect for Strings and Vocoder
Reverb Effect
All Effects available simultaneously

Width: 740mm
Depth: 280mm
Height (including knobs): 100mm
Total weight: 7.5kg

*Pre-Owned items are sold as-is, sale is final*

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