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Buy A New Fender Electric and Get a Free Gift - For a Limited Time!

Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beast Microphone Preamp

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Original price $599.00 - Original price $599.00
Original price $599.00
$599.00 - $599.00
Current price $599.00

The TB12 Tone Beast is an affordable microphone preamplifier that's jam-packed full of options, without compromising the quality. The TB12 Tone Beast is a fully professional preamp design with loads of gain that can effortlessly capture an array of sources very well. With top-notch CineMag transformers and multiple discrete signal paths, it's hard to beat the Tone Beast's big, bold, fully-professional sound at this price

The Tone Beast Black is a mic pre that likes to be pushed and when pushed will colorize your signal ever so sweetly. The 2 opamps and 2 output transformers at the flip of their switches won't appear to be much different, but as one drives the pre into harmonic distortion, the unique character of each of these components becomes apparent. The Tone Beast Black is customizable and allows users to source and swap in their own opamps. The output control on the TB12 allows you to limit the signal exiting the preamp even when pushing the gain to really hot levels, giving you maximum control.

• 71db of gain
• Transformer selection provides both Steel and 50% Nickel CineMag output transformers for varying character
• Transformer bypass switch allows for removal of the output transformer from the circuit
• Discrete Opamp selection allows for choosing between a 1731(vintage) and 918(cleaner) style opamp. •
These are socketed/swappable with your choice of 2520 6 pin footprint opamps
• Impedance switch labeled TONE to switch between 150 and 600 ohms input impedance
• 2 Meg Ohm True HI-Z input on front panel sends instrument signal through entire circuit including both •
Cinemag Transformers and the discrete opamps. Great for guitars, bass, keyboards and other instruments that have a 1/4″ output jack
• 80hz highpass filter
• Polarity Reverse
• Utilizes premium grade CineMag USA Transformers
• +48V phantom power
• Output attenuation allows for saturation flexibility of both opamps and transformers
• ¼" insert for the use of inline compressors, eq's, etc
• Balanced XLR mic (front and back), balanced TRS line, and ¼" UNBALANCED instrument inputs
• Balanced XLR and TRS outputs
• -20db Pad
• LED VU Meter
• 19″ rack-mountable
• Switchable 115/230 volt IEC power inlet.
• Capacitor selection between Tantalum and Electrolytic for different characters

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