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Yamaha Clavinova CLP-635 Digital Piano | Satin Black | SN: UCZX01102 | Used

by Yamaha

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Yamaha Clavinova CLP-635 Satin Black Digital Piano

-Brand: Yamaha Clavinova
-Model: CLP-635
-Serial #: UCZX01102
-Finish: Satin Black
-Condition: Very Good

Yamaha's Clavinova line are high quality digital pianos, similar in action and function to acoustic pianos. The name combines two words: "Clavier," meaning keyboard instrument, and "nova," meaning new. While its action feels like an acoustic piano, the added features of contemporary keyboards make this instrument infinitely more versatile. With the ability to save and load songs, and playing demo songs this is a great option for the home player. Each model includes various voices, and recent models have USB connectivity and wireless connection for music production and interactive lesson programs.

For over a century, Yamaha has combined a heritage of Japanese artistry with innovations in present-day materials and sound. This helps create gorgeous, extraordinary sounding pianos. Fascinating players of all levels with its lavish, moving tone, and stunning value, Yamaha continues to redefine what a piano can be.

* Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples bring two of the world's finest and most prominent concert grand pianos to your fingertips.
* Binaural CFX Sampling technology delivers a three-dimensional sound which recreates the perspective of the player position through headphones.
* GH3X (Graded Hammer 3X) keyboard action with synthetic ebony & ivory keytops features three sensors and an escapement mechanism, creating a response and feel that is very much like that of a grand piano.
* Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) allows for vivid and richly-varied expression that reflects the limitless number of factors contributing to the sound of a concert grand piano.
* Key-off samples deliver the delicate change in sound the instant the damper falls back to the string.
* String Resonance recreates the sympathetic sounds of other strings resonating, just like the behavior of acoustic pianos.
* Damper Resonance DSP recreates the sound of the inside of a grand piano when the dampers are off the strings.
* USB audio recording and playback captures or plays back performances on a USB drive.
* Drum Rhythms are great to perform with and also put the fun back into practicing as they are a practical alternative to a metronome.
* 1/8" AUX input takes output from a portable music player, iOS device, mixer or computer and uses the instrument's speakers to play back the audio.
* An on-board, 16-track recorder allows you to create your own songs using multiple sounds for simultaneous playback.
* Stereophonic Optimizer adjusts the spatial distribution of sound in the listener's headphones, creating the sensation that sound is coming directly from the piano, rather than from the headphones.
* 303 lesson songs from popular piano methods like Hanon, Bayer, Czerny and Burgmüller help build technique.
* Full Dot LCD Display allows for smooth navigation of the instrument's features and functions.
* Smooth Release provides a quick, crisp release on fast note-offs and a gently decaying release for slow note-offs.

This used instrument has been thoroughly inspected by our service department and maintained to ensure it is sold in playing condition. This used instrument does not include a service warranty and is sold as is. Delivery and/or service fees vary and are based on location and logistics.

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