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10 Things To Know BEFORE Buying a Kawai Piano

We have Kawai pianos in the spotlight today presenting 10 things you should be aware of when you're shopping for Kawai. We are not making this video to compare Kawai to other piano manufacturers but it’s hard to discuss Kawai pianos and their history without mentioning Yamaha, Baldwin, and Steinway & Sons which all played a part in the story. We have put together a list of 10 things to help you know more about Kawai as a company before you buy a Kawai Piano.

1. The Yamaha Connection

In Japan there was a small village called Hamamatsu. A man named Mr. Yamaha lived there who made watches and reed organs. As legend has it, one day he notices a youngster ride by on a self made pedal cart and he was impressed with the young man’s ingenuity and skill. That young man who built the pedal cart was named Koichi Kawai who then became an apprentice with Yamaha. Together Kawai and Yamaha did the R&D that led to them building the first piano in Japan. In the 1920’s, as Yamaha corporation diversified its products, Kawai went on to focus his company on only piano manufacturing and piano technology.

2. Family Owned

Kawai, like Alamo Music Center, is a 90-year family owned business. Koichi Kawai passed the business to his son Shigeru Kawai. Shigeru, along with his son Hirotaki Kawai, have Brough Kawai pianos into the 21st century with exciting innovations and quality enhancements.

3. Attention to Quality 

The "Shigeru" Kawai piano has included the first name on the piano because they feel the Shigeru Kawai is as close to perfect as a piano that can currently be produced. 

4. Dependable Piano Builder

Many companies trust to Kawai to build pianos for them. Kawai has built Howard pianos for Baldwin and Boston Pianos for Steinway & Sons.

5. Carbon Fiber Action

Kawai has always been know for high quality actions but more recently they have been an innovator in the industry by introducing carbon fiber in their millennium III action. The addition of carbon fiber has proven to enhance strength and playability. The industry has taken notice and companies like Mason & Hamlin are introducing their own carbon fiber action components.

6. Digital & Hybrid Pianos

Kawai is really working have a full spectrum of offerings from digital to acoustic piano and everything in between. At this time, Kawai is the only company that makes a digital piano with a wood soundboard. They are also the only company that has put a touch control interface on an acoustic piano

7. Know Your Series 

It’s important to understand the different offerings and match the series to what you are looking for. From the GL and GX series to the SK series, each has its different features and price points.

8. Made in the USA

At one time both Kawai and Yamaha both had piano factories in America. Kawai ran a factory in the late 1980’s in North Carolina.

9. Professionally Voiced

When a Shigeru Kawai Piano is purchased, Kawai will send an expert piano technician to your home, institution, or concert hall to professional voice the piano. Meticulous precision and detail will make your Shigeru Kawai sound incredible and ready to be played in its finest state.

10. Award Winning

With over 50 international pianos awards, Kawai takes great pride in being recognized for their research & development into the advancement of the piano. They will continue to transform product lines and release award winning products to advance the art of piano.

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