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The True Cost of A Free Piano

There are more than a few reasons that a piano is being offered for free. Of course, there are deals to be had, but more often these pianos are neglected instruments that have been left in homes or inherited from a relative. There are many costs that you can expect to add to this "FREE" piano. You can add the cost and logistics of moving a piano (700+ pounds), tuning fees (can it hold a tune?), and possible repairs. Sometimes a piano can look great but not be able to stay in tune and keep that tension stable or it needs extensive repairs. 

All too often we see “A free vintage piano and all I need to do is pick it up and have tuned!” Unfortunately, these seemingly great deals can quickly turn into money pits that leave you with a lackluster, and barely playable instrument that cannot be improved without an inordinate amount of labor and money. So let's take a look at the True Cost of a Free Piano.

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