Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Acoustic Guitar - Mahogany

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The Martin 000-15SM acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for singer-songwriters with deep voices or anyone looking for the glowing warmth only an all-mahogany guitar will provide. With its top, back, and sides all made from genuine solid mahogany, the 000-15SM delivers an almost electric-sounding depth of tone and sustain. 


This Beautiful Martin 000-15SM is all Mahogany top, bottom and sides. For wonderful rich and dark tones. There is a sea of emotion running through this guitar which makes it an amazing guitar for any singer songwriter.

Body Shape/Style:

Small body 12-Fret constriction for easy playabiity and compact comfort. It has all the tone and projection you would expect on and Standard sized guitar packed into this parlor shaped Acousitc. 


Comes with a solid Mahogany 12-Fret Neck. Comfortable for any player from adults to youth.


Beautiful Natural Satin Finish



Price Point:

 Consider the fact that Martin has been making quality instruments since 1833, and what we might consider "modern" acoustic guitars since early in the 20th century. What's more, the company's commitment to quality has never wavered, so whether you're investing in a brand-new 000-15SM or inheriting a family heirloom vintage Martin, you know you're getting the best. The Martin 000-15SM limited edition acoustic guitar is an instrument that you'll want to keep for a lifetime, and you'll love Martin's uncompromising quality.