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Band & Orchestra

We sell all of the main brands for band & orchestra (Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Buffet, etc). We are also the MAIN SELLER FOR REGION 20 ! ! ! For each instrument, we have hand selected our preferred choice and we offer new and used instruments for purchase or rental.  You can also rent online (Click here for Online Rental)! Call Us at 210-224-1010 (Downtown) or 210-525-1010 (Babcock) for any more information so we can match the perfect instrument for you!


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We Rent the Following:

Woodwinds: Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Bassoons, Oboes 

 Brass: Trumpets, Trombones, Tubas, Baritones                            

Strings: Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, Guitars    

Percussion: Bell Kits, Snare Drum Kits, Practice Pads

You can rent our most popular items online (Click here for Online Rental)

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Our Team

We make calls to over 100 schools weekly and each carries a full stock of supplies and accessories for everyday use in the band halls! Not only do we pride ourselves in being the leading experts in the San Antonio region, specializing in Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion respectively, our reps are very active in promoting activities and sponsoring events that enhance the band experience. During statewide music conventions look for our booth promoting creative and innovative ways of keeping up with the high-tech world. 

Band Instrument Repair Shop (Click Here For Prices)

Our Instrument Repair Shop is located at our downtown store. To be actively involved with school band programs means the need for a Service and Repair Shop. Two full-time technicians have been trained to cover all instruments and have experience with student line and professional model instruments. Whether you want a check and adjust or an entire reconditioning, our technicians will do the job in a friendly timely manner with on thing in mind: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

We have the necessary and proper tools combined with the trained and skilled personnel which ensures the job will done right. One of our technicians will greet you at the counter to receive your instrument and discuss with you what you would want done. We will give you an cost estimate and estimate the time needed to do the repairs. If you play for the fun of it, or for a living, your instrument is an investment, and our technicians treat it as if it were their own.

In-Store Staff

 The staff at Alamo Music are friendly and knowledgeable and ready to assist you in all your Band Instrument and Accessory needs. With in-store financing and credit approval at both store locations, our staff can expedite you rental or purchase while you browse the many display areas throughout the store.

Stop in  either store location or call to have us visit you the next time we are in your area!