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2018 Best Acoustic Guitars For $300 to $649 - Buyer's Guide And Comparison

We wanted to revisit another popular video of ours and look at a few of our favorite acoustic guitars for 2018. These fall in the $300-$649 price range, and while all distinctly different from one another, they all play and sound amazing! In this round, Chris Mckee is going to discuss and play guitars from: Gretsch, Ovation, Ibanez, Fender, Seagull, Takamine, Yamaha, Taylor, and Epiphone... it's quite the comparison. As the aesthetic, build, and sound vary from instrument to instrument, AMC would really like to hear some constructive feedback from our loyal audience, and find out what YOU, the viewer likes and dislikes about each guitar. Play A Note, Change Your Life!

Greatch G9531 →

Ovation C2 24-1 →

Ibanez AC340 →

Fender Newporter Player →

Seagull S6 →

Yamaha A1R →

Taylor GS Mini →

Yamaha FS-TA →

Taylor Academy 12e →

Best Selling Acoustic Guitars at Alamo Music Center →

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