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5 Reasons NOT To Buy a CHEAP Piano or Keyboard

Being a musician can be expensive. It can be hard to spend what seems like a lot of money on a piano or keyboard, especially when just starting out. Where a free or cheap piano or keyboard will often have a quality that is limited, paying a bit more can add a substantial amount of value and longevity to the instrument you ultimately get. A cheap piano or keyboard can also instill bad habits that could be avoided with a better initial purchase. Spending a bit more can provide an instrument that is ergonomically correct and allows for proper technique development. You want to enjoy the instrument you purchase, just because you got a great deal doesn't necessarily mean it is the instrument that will inspire you and be a joy to play. We did a video including 5 reasons to buy a cheap piano but here in this video, we go over 5 reasons NOT to buy a cheap piano or keyboard.

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