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Acoustic VS Digital | Yamaha U1 Studio Piano VS CVP-805 Clavinova

Many piano buyers ponder the big question: Acoustic or Digital? You may hear some say that the acoustic piano sound and touch cannot be replicated digitally.  While that may be technically true, there are many benefits to a digital piano. There are no tuning or maintenance issues to be dealt with, which you will no doubt see with an acoustic instrument. And although the acoustic piano sound may be superior, a digital piano may have the sounds and features that appeal to certain types of players, allowing them to progress as a musician in their own way. 

Decisions, decisions. In a perfect world, we would have one of each, but if you must decide between the two we invite you to put your headphones on and listen to what they sound like compared to each other.

more info → Yamaha Clavinova CVP-805

more info → Yamaha U1

Things to consider when deciding between an acoustic or digital piano.

Acoustic Piano Digital Piano
Piano Sound Quality
(comparing pianos of the same grade)
Warmer, authentic sound with
more room for musical expressions
The sound produced is a recorded sound sample,
which could sound like its acoustic counterpart, but isn't as authentic
Tuning Requires tuning maintenance 1-2 times a year Doesn’t require tuning or maintenance
Upkeep/Storage Must be placed in an environment
of suitable temperature and humidity
No requirements
Price Generally more expensive Less expensive
Resale Value Higher resale value Value depreciates faster
Touch Sensitivity Piano action mechanisms gives
you better control of musical tones and expressions
Some models lack touch-sensitivity, while others
have touch-sensitive, weighted keys that work to mimic an acoustic piano’s keys
Pedals Comes with 2 or 3 pedals,
including the sustain pedal
Not all models come with pedals
Portability Heavier.  Requires 2-3 strong
people to move it plus special equipment
Lighter weight and usually requires
only 1 person to move it
Space Required More space is needed Less space is needed
Power Source Not required Required
Extra Features None Other instrument sounds, Recording ease
and headphone output, Volume control

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