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Alamo Music Center and Kawai Pianos of America Present Musical Arts Center of San Antonio (MACSA) The Medallion Educator Award

Alamo Music Center and Kawai Pianos of America are honoring Musical Arts Center of San Antonio Inc. (MACSA) and its teachers with the Kawai Medallion Educator Studio Award. 

Initiated to honor the most outstanding music studios in the nation, the Kawai Medallion Educator award recognizes pianos studios and its piano teachers for the outstanding work they provide the community. One of the highlights of the program is that Medallion award winners will be loaned a brand new Kawai Piano for a year to use at their teaching studio. With choices ranging from the GL series, GX BLAK series, or Shigeru Kawai, we love matching a teacher up with the perfect piano that will befit them and their students. 

MACSA has been offering pianos lessons for over two decades in San Antonio and is run by Kenneth Thompson, whose vision is to bring beautiful music into San Antonio homes. Kenneth's piano students have won top prizes in many international, national competitions and nearly every competition in Texas. His students have gone on to the top music schools in the world such as Juilliard and Eastman Schools of Music. Many now perform concerts on the top stages of the world and have become teachers of great reputation.

With a passion for opening the hearts and minds of their students to great music, MACSA meets their students where they are and use music to bring out the best in them. This requires a relentless focus on teaching quality and a passion for doing what is best for their students. Their 39 highly trained teachers look forward to helping students from age 2 through adult whether brand new to music or ready for the great stages of the world.

Alamo Music Center delivering pianos to Musical Arts Center of San Antonio Inc.

"MACSA is absolutely THRILLED and honored to receive the Kawai Medallion Educator Award for Best Piano Teaching Studio! For 22 years we have worked to bring the best in piano teaching to San Antonio and I am deeply grateful to Kawai Pianos and Alamo Music Center for honoring MACSA and our excellent teachers with this exclusive honor!” MACSA CEO Ken Thompson

Kawai Pianos being delivered to MACSA as part of the Kawai Medallion Educator Award

Alamo Music Center delivery crew setting up a Kawai Grand Piano at MACSA

The first two teachers to receive the Kawai Medallion Educator Certificate are Kazumi Yoshizawa and Antonia Daskalova. They are both recognized for their excellence in teaching, and dedication to their students.

Pictured from left to right: Adyel Ramos, Adriana Flores, Ken Thomson, Sam Cana

Pictured from left to right: Adyel Ramos, Sam Cana, Adriana Flores, Kazumi Yoshizawa (Award Recipient)

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