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Best Places To Shop Online For A Used Piano

Shopping for a used piano online can be very informative and convenient, but with a plethora of places to purchase, it can also be a little frustrating when deciding just where to buy. We strongly recommend that you purchase a pre-owned piano from a company that will take care of you after the piano is delivered. Helping you through warranty issues, insurance claims, transit, etc., are things you should look for in the company you choose to give your business. Another huge benefit to look for is a trade-in program that will allow you to apply your money spent on a piano today towards the purchase of a future upgraded piano. Many piano buyers take advantage of this trade-in when starting with an upright and then advancing to a grand piano. 

In this video, we will point you to some of the best online resources to shop for a used piano online. Of course, we'd prefer is everyone chose us first when shopping for a used piano but there are times when that just doesn't make sense or isn't possible. In these situations, we often hear "Where would you recommend?" Below are a few common places to shop online for a used piano. Again, we'd love to be the first place you go to when looking to meet your piano needs, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about a specific product first. 

Pre-Owned Pianos

Pre-Owned Upright Pianos

Pre-Owned Grand Pianos

Faust Harrison Pianos is one of the largest retailers of heirloom re-built and pre-owned Steinway & Sons pianos and operates out of the New York area. If you are looking for a Steinway & Sons piano, this site is a must visit. They have fair pricing and can deliver all over the country.  They are sure to take care of you post delivery and also have a nice trade in program.

Lindeblad Piano Restoration has been providing world-class restoration, service and the sale of the finest pianos for nearly 100 years. Specializing in carefully restoring, repairing, refinishing, of Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Chickering and more. They also will provide moving, & providing secure storage. 

Caruso Piano Gallery has a wonderful website offering used pianos with options for reconditioned or re-manufactured pianos.  These re-manufactured pianos will have had work done to them and new parts installed including new strings, hammers, felts etc., creating an almost "new" used piano. 

Rick Jones Pianos had some great videos featuring each product where you can not only hear the instrument being played, but they also provide a rating for touch and tone.  This, along with transparent and accurate shipping costs across the country make this site a good stop on your online piano exploring.

Stilwell Pianos is located in in Tempe Arizona, serving all of the Metro Phoenix area. They have a well designed website with super consistent pictures and transparent delivery pricing.  You can find a wealth of information on the pianos as well the financing options when you do decide to purchase.

Buyer beware when purchasing though Craigslist or facebook marketplace, because after the pianos is purchased, you are likely on your own with any issues. There is often a great deal to be found privately, especially if you know what to look for.  We do advise bringing a technician with you to check out the prospective piano if you aren't sure what to look for, with over 10,000 moving parts in a piano, the cost of repairing one that hasn't been properly maintained can add up quickly.  Delivery cost, technician costs and the possible purchase of a "lemon" are all things to keep in mind.

As shopping for a used piano online becomes easier all the time, it is a fact that some players must see the piano in person before deciding. With that in mind these resources can be a tool to help you gain as much knowledge as possible before walking into a piano showroom.

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