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CALL US TOLL FREE 844-251-1922

Discover Music With Alamo Music Center!!!

We believe music making does three things to change your life.

  • First, it brings you joy
  • Second, it connects and enhances your communities
  • Third, it makes your life more fun

Secret Equation:

Music Making = Joy + Community + Fun

Therefore this equation is always true:

Return on Music Making > Money + Time Investments

We believe these are priceless benefits that outweigh any time or money you invest into music making.

We discovered this secret in the 1920’s when our founder, Alfredo Flores Sr., was repossessing pianos for a bank during the great depression in San Antonio, TX. Not a musician himself, he first got involved in the music business as a refinisher for a local piano maker, The Gahgan Brothers. In 1929, he found himself in a predicament. The Gahgan Brothers were going out of business. As an immigrant from Mexico during the revolution, Mr. Flores Sr. was at heart a survivor. In attempt to make ends meet, he started repossessing pianos for a local bank where the bank would resell the pianos for pennies on the dollars. This is where he discovered the secret.

One day he went to a rancher’s house in the outskirts of town, we think it was Helotes, to repossess a piano. When he arrived he realized it wasn’t the ranchers piano but the ranch hand’s piano that he was repossessing. As he entered the ranch hand’s quarters, he noticed that there was basic furniture and beds in their quarters. The only non-essential item was the piano. He witnessed at the same time all of the ranch hands gathered around the piano making music and singing, relaxing after a hard day's work and enjoying each others company. They begged him not to take the piano. Knowing that he was accountable to the bank, he had to anyway, feeling horrible about it.

As he took the piano back to the bank, a question began to nag at him. He thought no amount of money can be worth the pain I’m causing the ranch hands by taking their piano. What is this piano even worth to a bank?

He he got to the bank he asked “How much are you going to sell this piano for?”. The banker told him $50. He was astounded (originally the piano had sold for $500). Having saved some money by this point he asked, if he could buy it and they told him sure.

He immediately took the piano back to the rancher and said, “Look, the best investment you can make in the future of your ranch is to buy this piano back for your ranch hands. I’m going to sell it to you for $75. You’ll have happier, healthier, friendlier and ultimately more productive ranch hands. If you don’t, you’re going to have a morale problem very soon and maybe even a revolt.” So the rancher bought it.

He realized that moment that people underestimated the power and value of music making from a financial and time perspective. He proceeded to build a business around the secret fact that people don’t regret the time, money or energy they invest into making music.

Our mission today is the same as it was in the 20s. We exist to help you encounter the power of music making to enrich your life, your community and your well-being. We do this by getting the right instrument in your hands and connecting you with the right services and teachers to unleash your musical voice. We are your musical friends and advisors and we guarantee that you won’t regret any time, money or energy spent on your musical adventures. So why not discover music today?

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