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Electric Guitar Pack Unboxing: Squier vs. Yamaha | Our Holiday Gift Guide!

It's that time of the season when many people will be getting their first guitars, and after a record-breaking year of guitar sales worldwide, we assume that many of you are looking for the best quality in a starter instrument! Today we're taking a look at two great options for all-in-one electric guitar packs, including an amplifier, accessories, some form of lessons, and of course, the guitar! The Yamaha Gigmaker and the Squier Stratocaster Pack are similar in price, quality, and (almost) one-to-one on the features that they include. Check out our unboxing, our comparison, and our demos, and tell us which one you think is the right choice for you!

YAMAHA demo: 17:14 SQUIER demo: 18:49

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