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Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster vs Acoustasonic Telecaster

Last year, Fender shook the guitar world with the introduction of the Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster. The funky looking guitar with the recycled name made waves. Many of us didn't know what to expect. The previous plastic backed Acoustasonic instruments from Fender had never been something that many people pined to own. This was evidenced by their short life span. However, the new, wood bodied Acoustasonic pair that Fender is now producing is a different instrument. Blending guitar categories and made for the modern, genre shifting musician, the Acoustasonic Telecaster found a home with guitar players wanting something new. The new Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster brings this recipe to the beloved Stratocaster body and name plate and adds a few changes. The body and parts are clearly different at first glance but as you focus on the various aspects of the guitar there are more changes. There is a comfortable belly carve, the knobs are top hot knobs, the body is a bit different and of course the modeled sounds are new. Some of the best tones from the Acoustasonic Telecaster have carried over. There are new ones as well and the whole order of things is changed to work within the access you have when changing settings. The electric side of the guitar is expanded upon as well. All of these little changes add up to make this guitar more suited to a particular style of player. Watch as we breakdown each guitar to help you determine if the new Acoustasonic Stratocaster is the better option. Make sure you watch until the end. ;) Demo starts at 6:46

Acoustasonic Stratocaster -

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