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Fender Custom Shop Artisan Koa Thinline Telecaster Review and Demo

Here it is: our newest addition from the Fender Custom Shop Artisan line, the beautiful Koa Thinline Telecaster. With the combo of Fiji mahogany hollow body and 4A flame koa top, this guitar has all of the Telecaster brightness you love, with some added woody-resonance unique to these tonewoods. Thanks to a pair of Nocaster pickups, this guitar might be the most aesthetically impressive guitar with absolutely no frills in the sound department; in the best way possible, this thing is a Tele-tone machine. The Artisan series from the Fender Custom Shop represents the apex of craftsmanship, paired with the truest Tele tone imaginable, it's an incredible offering from a factory that keeps rolling out gold. Check it out!

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