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Fender Vintera Telecasters | All the Telecasters Reviewed!

Fender recently launched the new Vintera series of electric guitars, meaning Vintage Era. These guitars are vintage spec'd instruments that represent three eras in Fender history; the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Each era has unique specs including: color, neck shape, pickup magnet, pickup construction, wiring and hardware. We compared all of the Telecasters from the new Vintera line in order to demonstrate the distinct voice that is available from each instruments. We selected a 50s Telecaster in Fiesta Red, a 60s Telecaster with Bigsby Blonde White and the large headstock 70s Telecaster in three flavors: the Deluxe in Mocha, Thinline in Aged Natural and Custom in Sonic Blue. The 50s Stratocaster has formware wiring and alnico V beveled magnets with a 50s stagger in the pickups. The 60s model uses enamel wiring, alnico V and a 60s stagger with non-beveled pole pieces with a bit more wire wrapped on each pickup. Finally the 70s model has poly-sol wiring with flat, non-staggered pole pieces on the single coils and wide ranging humbuckers for a classic 1970s rock tone. 

Listen to the clips from each model and vote on your favorite at the end.

Fender Vintera Lineup:

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