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Kawai Announces New Concert Artist CA49 & CA59 Digital Pianos

Kawai Japan is delighted to announce the CA49 and CA59, the latest high-performance additions to the popular Concert Artist series of premium digital pianos, and successors to the highly regarded CA48 and CA58. 

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These updates models retain the class-leading Grand Feel Compact wooden keyboard action and highly expressive Shigeru Kawai SK-EX grand piano sampling of previous models, while offering a number of new features and improvements. 

As with the leading CA99 and CA79 models launched earlier in the year, the CA49 and CA59 incorporate technologies developed in collaboration with premium Japanese audio equipment manufacturer, Onkyo. Both instruments feature new motherboard and amplification hardware designed for richer, higher quality sound, and 4-speaker delivery systems that reproduce the sound field of a grand piano. The latest models improved cheekblock control panels that incorporate modern OLED graphic displays, while the CA49 boasts a new interface for easier, more intuitive operation. Both instruments will also support Kawaiʼs new PianoRemote app, allowing sounds andsettings to also be adjusted using a compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.†

The updated CA49 and CA59 feature enhanced Shigeru Kawai grand piano sounds, providing a more natural and realistic playing experience, while the CA59 includes a new Shigeru Kawai SK-5 studio grand sound and additional Virtual Technician parameters for even greater tonal variety. Both instruments include Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, with the CA59 also boasting Bluetooth Audio, with aptX support providing high quality wireless audio with minimal latency. Finally, the new CA49 and CA59 possess updated cabinet designs, adopting the taller body and rounded edge details of the flagship Concert Artist models, for a more impressive, premium appearance.

Main Features:

  • Class-leading Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action
  • Stunning Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5* and Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds, with full 88-key sampling
  • High-performance sound generation system developed in partnership with Onkyo
  • Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio* for wireless communication with smart devices
  • Easy-to-use cheekblock control panel with high resolution OLED display
  • Convenient PianoRemote control app for iOS/Android †
  • Flexible Virtual Technician function with intuitive Smart Mode feature
  • Built-in Burgmüller, Beyer, Chopin, Czerny etudes and Alfred lesson songs
  • WAV/MP3/MIDI file record and playback via USB memory*
  • Attractive, modern cabinet design available in three different wood finishes

* CA59 only | † PianoRemote app support to be added with future software update.

Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action with extended pivot length

The CA49 and CA59 are the latest Kawai digital pianos to utilise the Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action. As its name suggest, the GF Compact action has been designed to reproduce the authentic touch weight characteristics of the industry-leading Grand Feel keyboard actions, within a smaller form factor. This action retains the long wooden keysticks used for all 88 black and white keys, and the familiar seesaw mechanism employed by acoustic grand piano actions for centuries. However, despite its smaller unit size, Grand Feel Compact features an extended key pivot length, providing a more consistent touch weight when playing towards the rear of the keyboard. 

This crucial detail ensures the new CA49 and CA59 deliver the most realistic playing experience in their class. As with all modern wooden-key Kawai actions, Grand Feel Compact also incorporates grade-weighted hammers, bass region counterweights, and let-off simulation for added authenticity, while its accurate triple-sensor key detection system allows rapidly repeated notes such as trills to be performed smoothly, without unnatural breaks in sound.

Piano sound: Celebrated concert grand pianos, reproduced using high-performance technologies

The rich, expressive sound of Kawaiʼs celebrated concert grand pianos are at the heart of the new CA49 and CA59, with both the flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and highly-acclaimed Kawai EX instruments lovingly recorded and faithfully produced using full 88-key stereo sampling.

With two distinctive Kawai concert grand pianos, a traditional upright, and the CA59ʼs newly added Shigeru Kawai SK-5 mid-sized grand readily available, players can explore a variety of different piano sounds, and enjoy the contrasting properties of each. These latest Concert Artist instruments utilize Kawaiʼs advanced Progressive Harmonic Imaging (CA49) and Harmonic Imaging XL (CA59) technologies, with algorithms that reproduce how an acoustic pianoʼs tonal character changes as dynamics increase. This ensures seamless expression when playing from gentle pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo, without sudden changes in sound, while impressive polyphony specifications allow players to perform complicated pieces without held notes ʻdropping outʼ unexpectedly.

These realistic piano sounds are delivered using high-performance sound hardware developed in partnership with Onkyo, one of Japanʼs leading audio equipment manufacturers. This technology ensures a faithful reproduction of the acoustic source, delivering crystal clear piano sounds with low-noise and minimal distortion, while the powerful 4-speaker delivery systems utilized by each model reproduce the sound field of a grand piano.

Convenient features: Integrated Bluetooth, Line Out connectivity, built-in lessons

The impressive CA49 and CA59 offer a variety of useful features to complement their stunning grand piano sounds and authentic keyboard touch. Integrated Bluetooth MIDI allows the instruments to communicate with supported smart devices, using Kawaiʼs new PianoRemote iOS/Android app to select and adjust sounds wirelessly, while the built-in lesson function (featuring a variety of classical etudes and Alfred songs), adjustable metronome and song recorder, are invaluable tools for aspiring pianists. A rich assortment of additional instrumental voices, along with Dual and Split playing modes add greater variety to playersʼ performances, while the special Four Hands mode divides the keyboard into two independent sections, allowing teacher and student to practice and play together using a single instrument. 

The latest ConcertArtist instruments also inherit Kawaiʼs advanced SHS technology from the larger CA Series instruments, enhancing the depth and realism of sounds heard through headphones or earphones, while also helping to reduce auditory fatigue when listening for extended periods of time.

The CA59 raises the bar further with additional Bluetooth Audio functionality, allowing audio from songs and videos to be streamed through the instrumentʼs high fidelity 4-speaker output system without additional cables. Moreover, the powerful recorder function also allows MP3 or WAV audio and MIDI song files to be recorded and overdubbed to a USB memory device, and shared with friends and family online.

Both Concert Artist models include USB-MIDI and standard MIDI connectors for flexibility with computers and other devices, while the CA59 also offers stereo Line In and Line Out jacks that allow the instrument to be enjoyed in larger settings such as churches or school halls.

Attractive design: Modern cabinet appearance with discrete control panel and OLED display

The latest CA49 and CA59 digital pianos are housed within premium quality wooden cabinets that incorporate a flat fascia and raised upper board. The control panel for both models is discretely embedded within the left cheek-block, helping to preserve the instrumentsʼ upright piano-like character, while their high-resolution OLED displays remain clear and easily readable from the seated position. Attractive rounded topboard and leg details, and the minimalist toe block design contributes to the pianosʼ slender appearance, with PremiumRosewood, Satin Black, and Satin White finishes that are suitable for a range of traditional and modern interiors.

A superb wooden-key keyboard action, stunning grand piano sounds, and a variety of modern, convenient features – all housed within an attractive and inspiring cabinet. Introducing the Kawai CA49 and CA58: The Concert Grand experience in the comfort of your home.

For more information about the CA49 and CA59 digital pianos, please refer to the product pages below


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