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CALL US TOLL FREE 844-251-1922

Meet Our Sales Staff!

You might have received a chat message from one of our team members as you browse our website. You also might have wanted to put a face to the name if you've spoken to someone over the phone or online. If you want to get to know our staff a little bit better, meet our team below!

Nick Pfeiler: Nick has worked for Alamo Music since 2017. As an avid guitarist, drummer, harmonica player, and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, Nick is a great resource for all of your instrument needs. 

Jon Guajardo: Jon has been a part of Alamo Music since 2016. Not only is he knowledgable on musical instruments, he's also an experienced music producer with a vast collection of pro audio and synthesizer equipment. If you're looking for a new instrument or the gear to record it with, Jon is your guy.

Ethan Griffin: If you've been on our site for any amount of time, you've probably spoken to Ethan. After starting in our warehouse in 2018, Ethan is now an important part of our sales team, bringing in-depth product knowledge and a passion for music. Whether you want to talk musical instruments or music theory, Ethan is here for you.

Jasmine Olivares: As one of the newest additions to our team, Jazz has made a huge impact on the whole vibe of the store. She knows all about the gear, and gets real joy from finding each customer the perfect instrument to suit their needs.

Trevor Crawford: As another new addition to the sales staff, Trevor can help you find your perfect instrument and sing you a song with the voice of an angel. Come to Trevor with any instrument needs, as well as the right info for your church, school, or larger-scale institutional needs.

Dillon Shaw: You might've spoken to Dillon through Reverb or eBay, where he constantly keeps an eye on customer service and product questions. You might've also seen him on stage. Either way, Dillon is a fantastic resource for anyone who needs to learn more about our products, as well as music production and gear.

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