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Most Under-appreciated Single-Cut Electric Guitar? | The Gretsch Jet

Everyone knows the Telecaster and Les Paul, the two juggernauts of "single-cut" electric guitars; but what is the most underrated, under-appreciated single-cut? We present for your consideration, the Gretsch Jet; an awesome option from a classic manufacturer with a sound all its own. Today we're taking a look at a couple great options with Filtertron-style pickups, the jangle is present, with sparkling highs and balanced mids and lows. The Gretsch Jet G5230T and Gretsch Jet G5220 are from their Electromatic series, which are affordable and well made guitars; take a listen to the stop tail and Bigsby versions of the Jet, and tell us what you think!

Demo begins at 10:46

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