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New Taylor Body Shape Revealed! Meet the new Taylor GT!

It is a special occasion when a new Taylor guitar model is released and it is even more special when there is an entirely new body shape. In recent years we have been treated to the Grand Orchestra, the shrunken down GSMini and the Grand Pacific. Now, Andy Powers, the Master Builder at Taylor Guitars has unveiled a new body shaped dubbed the Grand Theater or "GT". The GT is a smaller guitar that is at the same time bigger than a GSMini. It seeks to straddle that space between the travel oriented GSMini and the larger full size guitars available in Taylor's lineup of fantastic acoustic guitars. The Grand Theater is the culmination for a few ideas that Andy Powers wanted to see executed in a guitar. The first one was to make a guitar that was more casual in nature. "We have made a bunch of really serious guitars lately. Guitars that are phenomenal, professional, serious instruments and I thought it would be fun to make something that was a little more fun", Powers explained during a private virtual launch. 

The GT also answers the question that manyTaylor GSMini fans have been asking, "when is Taylor going to make an all-solid wood GSMini?". Powers explained, "we get asked that question a lot but I've always said that if I was going to do that I would want it to be a little bit bigger (than the GSMini). The slightly larger size takes advantage of the all-solid wood construction and a new bracing pattern that was born out of the V-class bracing. Powers calls it C-class bracing because this V-class variation using an asymmetrical cantilevered bracing pattern to provide more volume and rich bass than would otherwise be available in a smaller sized guitar body. The combination of a spruce top with Taylor's Urban Ash for the back and sides provides a wonderful mid-range tone reminiscent of the best mahogany guitars. 

The goldilocks approach to the guitar is also seen in the scale length and nut width. It is in-between the GSMini and the full-size Taylor counterparts in both measurements along with a unique neck carve to create a very enjoyable playing experience. Without knowing the differences one is likely to simply play the guitar and wonder why it feels so good. 

In creating this "grown-up" GSMini Taylor utilized features recently seen on the American Dream Series to keep the prices low for an American-made solid-wood guitar. Features such as chamfered edges, Eucalyptus fretboard and bridge and Taylor's superb Aerocase along with the tremendously fun scale length and rich tone combine to offer a guitar that should garner many fans. 

The Body

  • The GT borrows the basic body curves of the Grand Orchestra
  • (Taylor’s largest body style), but they’re scaled down. The width

    at the lower bout (15 inches) is nearly the same as the Taylor

    Grand Concert, but the GT’s body length is shorter.

  • Solid-wood construction and ultra-thin finish optimize the tonal
  • response.

    The Neck

  • Scale length: For an acoustic guitar, the GT’s 24-1/8”
  • scale length is in the mid-length range. (The GS Mini’s

    scale length is 23-1/2”. The Grand Concert’s scale length

    is 24-7/8”.) The GT’s scale is the equivalent of playing

    with a capo on the first fret of a 25-1/2”-scale guitar.

  • Nut width: 1-23/32”. This is wider than 1-11/16” but
  • narrower than 1-3/4”, making it comfortable for fretting.
  • String gauge: .012-.053 light-gauge strings
  • Tension profile: It has the same string tension as if you
  • tuned a guitar with a 25-1/2” scale length down a half step

    (E-flat to E-flat). The tension feels like it’s strung with a set of

    11s (Custom Light). This makes the guitar easier to play.

  • Neck-to-body relationship: Between the compact body
  • and string length, the design has the effect of bringing your

    hands closer together, which adds to the playing comfort.

  • Fret spacing: The scale length condenses the fret spacing
  • slightly, creating a more agile playing experience.
  • All-around playing experience: For all the reasons
  • above, it’s a lot easier to get around the fretboard. In fact,

    the GT delivers the most comfortable playing experience

    Taylor offers among its solid-wood, US-made guitars.

    Internal Bracing

  • The Taylor GT is voiced with new C-ClassTM bracing architecture.
  • The “C” refers to the cantilevered, asymmetrical design,

    which combines stiffness and flexibility in a way that helps

    accentuate the lower frequencies to produce a surprisingly

    warm bass response for its compact dimensions.

  • This bracing borrows some of the functional benefits of Taylor’s
  • V-ClassTM bracing, including greater stability, yielding impressive

    volume, sustain and intonation that sonically helps the guitar punch

    above its weight.


  • Solid Urban AshTM Back/Sides: First introduced on
  • Taylor’s Builder’s Edition 324ce, Urban Ash is a tonewood

    Taylor has embraced both for its sustainability and tone.

    Responsibly sourced from Shamel ash trees scheduled for

    removal from municipal areas in Southern California, its tonal

    properties rival those of high-quality Honduran mahogany —

    dry, woody and clear, with pleasing midrange warmth.

  • Solid Spruce Top: Together with C-ClassTM bracing
  • and the compact dimensions of the body and neck, the

    spruce top is responsive to a light touch yet capable

    of impressive tonal output, offering players a dynamic

    and expressive musical palette to explore.

  • Eucalyptus fretboard, bridge and peghead overlay: The GT
  • gives Taylor a platform to introduce another fretboard wood,

    eucalyptus, which offers great potential alongside ebony. Its

    comparable weight and density are ideal for holding frets.

    Notable Specs:

  • Fretboard Inlays: Italian acrylic “Pinnacle”
  • Rosette: 3-ring koa
  • Body Edge Treatment: Black top purfling
  • Stain: Urban Sienna (Back/Sides)
  • Finish: Matte 2.0 mil
  • Tuners: Taylor nickel mini
  • Pickguard: Faux tortoise
  • Case: Brown AeroCaseTM
  • The new Taylor Grand Theater body is now available in both acoustic-electric GTe and acoustic only GT varieties. 

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