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Playing Blues on an Ibanez JEM? What Would SRV Do?

There are many different types of guitars on the market! There are electric guitars, acoustic, classical, arch top, etc. With in those types are sub genres and specialty instruments ad nauseam. If you are into a particular style of music then you can be guaranteed that there is a guitar made and marketed to that specific style. This is a great thing! This specialization means that guitar scale lengths, hardware, tremolo, body style and pickups can be made to suit a style of music. But, do these strengths become weaknesses when the instrument is asked to do something it was not specifically made and marketed to do? Imagine if the Ibanez JEM, the signature model of Steve Vai had been the preferred guitar of Stevie Ray Vaughn, instead of a Stratocaster. Would it change our perspective or would it even work?! Let's find out!

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