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Roland FP-90X vs FP-30X Digital Piano Comparison - Best Features & Sounds

We really like the new FPX series from Roland and so we are continuing to bring you videos featuring this cool new line of portable digital pianos AKA keyboards. Today we are comparing the slim and stylish FP-30X and the Pure Acoustic modeling FP-90X from Roland. Both of these have a lot to offer and so in this video we are going over some of the best features of each to see why you might want to choose one over the other.

Onboard tones, including a Piano tone so authentic, you’ll think it’s an acoustic

Super authentic tone is produced by digitally recreating all the physical interactions within an acoustic piano, the SuperNATURAL Piano engine at the heart of the FP-10, FP-30X, and FP-60X doesn’t just relay the notes you play—it also captures how you play them, allowing seasoned pianists to perform with unrestricted expression, from subtle pianissimo to pounding fortissimo. The FP-60X adds rich ambience effects that replicate a variety of sonic environments. And when your music demands the best, the FP-90X steps up with PureAcoustic Piano Modeling taken from our premium instruments, plus PureAcoustic Ambience that simulates what it sounds like playing in a diverse range of venues, from studios to massive halls. Also included is a wide variety of sounds for any musical genre. In addition to the best traditional piano tones, the FP-X series offers the best traditional piano tones, you’re supported with a comprehensive selection of onboard sounds, from pro-level electric pianos to strings, organs, synthesizers, and more.

Real-feel keyboards that feel like a traditional grand

You’ve never played a portable piano like the models in the FP-X series. Designed without compromise, the FP-10, FP-30X, and FP-60X all feature our PHA-4 Standard keyboard, offering authentic hammer action, escapement, and ivory feel keys that respond to even the subtlest touch, letting your musical personality shine through. And when you invest in the FP-90X, you’ll discover the PHA-50, a revolutionary hybrid keyboard whose wood and composite build feels exactly like an acoustic grand—without the need for maintenance.

Sonic versatility for every playing situation

The FP-30X, FP-60X, and FP-90X feature output jacks that let you connect to external speakers for gigging. But they might not even be necessary in every situation, thanks to surprisingly powerful and punchy onboard speaker systems that offer increasing performance as you move up the range. And for private practice, all FP-X models include headphones outputs and immersive ambience effects that make studying as inspiring as performing.

Expand your musical horizons

The FP-X series supports the demands of modern musicians for smartphone-based online learning and entertainment. All four models offer Bluetooth MIDI and USB connectivity, while the FP-30X, FP-60X, and FP-90X also include Bluetooth audio. These forward-thinking features open up infinite creative possibilities, from playing along to music streamed through your piano’s speakers to working with YouTube lessons and the ever-growing range of music apps for mobile devices and computers.

Introduction to the Roland FP-30X Digital Piano

The FP30X really raises the bar for the entire category, and this will likely be a very popular model in time. The FP30 was already one of the top instruments in the category, and with these new improvements, the FP30X makes an even more impressive claim for class superiority. All in all, the FP30X is a worthy follow-up to the Roland FP30.

The acoustic piano experience is faithfully recreated as Roland once again raises the bar and essentially issues a formal challenge to the rest of the class. The FP-30X stands tall against competitive products from Yamaha, Kawai, and Casio, with arguably the top action in the class. Add Roland’s legendary durability with the latest tech, the FP-30X serves up an all-around package that will turn the heads of even the most seasoned industry professionals, and beginners alike.

**Upgrades over the FP30 include**

  • Polyphony increased to 256 notes
  • 21 additional onboard tones for a total of 56
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Twin ¼” outputs
  • Increased Data playback options
  • Compatibility with new Piano Everyday app

Roland FP-30X Features Roland’s 88-note PHA-4 Standard Keyboard Action

Returning from the FP30, the Roland FP30X digital piano once again features Roland’s 88-note PHA-4 standard keyboard action with Ivory-touch and escapement. This is a professional, high-quality action used throughout Roland’s lineup up to the $2,000 mark, at which point the action shifts to the PHA50. This really demonstrates the FP30X’s exceptional value – a remarkably portable digital piano available for what amounts to slightly more than an entry-level price point. If you told someone 10 years ago that they could get a hammer action grand piano keyboard this good at this price, they would have laughed at you.

You’ll also find the in the FP-60X, F701, and the RP701, which is a borderline high-end home digital piano. There’s a nice texture with the ivory feel keys, a well-executed escapement sensation modeled after a real piano, and is quite quiet as far as digital piano key actions go due to its solid construction. The total range of sensitivity expression may not be as large as Roland’s higher-end actions, the PHA-50, and Hybrid Grand action, but it’s still widely regarded as the top action in the class.

Roland FP-30X Features Roland’s Renowned SuperNATURAL Piano Sound Engine

The FP-30X utilizes Roland’s highly regarded Supernatural Piano Sound Engine with built-in ambience effects. This engine is also a mainstay throughout Roland’s lineup under the $2,500 price mark. It’s got 256 notes of polyphony – literally double the polyphony of the FP-30 – meaning the odds of ever running out of juice with this sound engine, even if playing complex classical music, are slim.

They’ve doubled up the onboard acoustic piano tones to 12 and beefed up the electric piano tones to 20, while offering 24 various additional tones, such as strings and synthesizers. There’s a solid 22 amplifier running the two-speaker system – you won’t need any additional power for home use, but you should be performing in a professional setting, there’s a ¼” out port for quick connectivity to an external amp or PA.

Roland FP-30X’s Bluetooth MIDI Connectivity

One of the most surprising upgrades with the FP-30X is the inclusion of Bluetooth Audio, as this feature is generally reserved for instruments at a higher price point. Bluetooth Audio turns your instrument into a large Bluetooth speaker for streaming music from a smart device.

The FP-30X retains MIDI Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which means you don’t need to bother with cables when connecting to mobile devices to access apps such as Roland’s Piano Designer, which gives the user an enormous amount of control over the piano sound. Additional music apps you’ll want to check out include Garage Band and Sheet Music Direct, among many others.

Another nice upgrade is the inclusion of L/MONO, R ¼” output connectors. With the FP-30, if you wanted to connect to an amp you had to use the headphone port which is less than ideal. The presence of twin ¼” outputs solidifies the FP30X as a true gigging instrument.

The FP-30X also has an on-board option to connect USB memory to capture songs recorded with the onboard recording function.

FP-30X’s Notable Features

It’s simple, but the combination of tone and touch the FP30X delivers is seriously tough to beat for the price – definitely the main highlight of this instrument.

  • Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL Piano engine
  • PHA-4 Standard 88-note action with escapement and ivory-feel keys
  • Onboard 22W stereo amplifier and two stereo speakers delivers great sound
  • Headphone output lets you play at all hours
  • Compact and lightweight for those on the go
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity with Android and Apple iOS (Audio and MIDI) lets you use the FP-30X with popular apps
  • Dual and split modes for duets and self-accompaniment
  • A broad selection of non-piano sounds
  • Metronome
  • Twin Piano mode
  • 30 internal songs
  • USB-to-device memory slot lets you:
  • Save songs recorded with a built-in SMF recorder
  • Play along with favorite songs in WAV or SMF format
  • USB-to-host port lets you connect with your computer
  • Optional DP10 sustain pedal/damper pedal with half-damper control

Optional three-pedal unit (KPD-70, which can also be used as a hands-free page-turner with some sheet music apps) and optional matching stand (KSC-70) available as add-on accessories provide a classic piano look.

Introduction to the Roland FP-90X Digital Piano FP-90X with best-in-class PureAcoustic Piano Modeling

The Roland FP90X is the brand new upgrade to the class-leading FP90. Built with the working professional in mind, the FP90X is an all-in-one portable piano that can confidently go toe-to-toe with any other comparable instrument on the market. With the class-leading PHA50 wood/plastic hybrid action, Roland’s latest Pure Acoustic modeling engine, and powerhouse onboard speaker system, the FP90X makes a strong case for the heavyweight title of the professional, all-in-one portable class.

Roland is probably the most recognizable name in digital pianos, and for good reason, considering how many professional keyboardists ultimately elect to go with a Roland as their primary gigging instrument.

Roland’s FP series has been going strong for 30 years, and to mark the 30 year anniversary that just passed, Roland has upgraded the FP line with the new FPX series. The FP90X is the top quality, flagship model of the line, and it replaces the FP90 which was widely regarded as one of the top instruments in the portable all-in-one class.

The FP90X featured Roland’s brand new PureAcoustic engine (replacing the SuperNATURAL piano engine), the same sound engine in Roland’s top-of-the-line LX home digital series. This engine gives full modeling technology to the acoustic piano tones, allowing for highly expressive, real-time generation of piano tone. Modeled engines also offer a deeper layer of customization options, essentially allowing you to shape and mold the tone with scalpel-like precision. All of this tone is being delivered via a robust multi-channel speaker system, and there’s a handy 3-slider equalizer on-board to allow you to make adjustments on the fly.

Upgrades over the FP-90 include a new and improved sound engine, new ambience settings, improved speaker design, and added controls.

There are more than 300 total onboard sounds, with a huge variety of e pianos, strings, classic organs, and synthesizers, offering maximum flexibility for whatever the situation calls for.

It also even has a mic input, a relative rarity for these types of instruments, so if that’s important to you, you’ll be pleased to find it here.

All in all, the Roland FP90X is a snapshot of what one of the top digital piano manufacturers of all time is currently offering, and with fantastic warranty coverage, you’ve got little to be concerned about regarding longevity.

Compare against the Yamaha P515 and Kawai ES920.

There are more than 300 total onboard sounds, with a huge variety of e pianos, strings, classic organs, and synthesizers, offering maximum flexibility for whatever the situation calls for.

It also even has a mic input, a relative rarity for these types of instruments, so if that’s important to you, you’ll be pleased to find it here.

All in all, the Roland FP90X is a snapshot of what one of the top digital piano manufacturers of all time is currently offering, and with fantastic warranty coverage, you’ve got little to be concerned about regarding longevity.

Compare against the Yamaha P515 and Kawai ES920.

Roland FP-90X Features Roland’s 88-note PHA-50 Keyboard Action

The Roland FP90X uses their second-best action – the PHA-50 hybrid keyboard action, with a blend of wood components, escapement, and overall, replicates a grand piano action even better than the PHA4. It provides an excellent and accurate MIDI output, a properly weighted action that will satisfy even the most discerning classical pianists, and an ivory and ebony key texture that provides the right blend of grip and slip for both dry and humid environments.

This action is also highly durable, as our Director of Sales Stu Harrison can personally attest to having played this action in his RD-2000 over 100’s of gigs. Most modern, high-end digital piano actions are fairly durable, though the PHA-50 is deserving of special mention in this regard.

Roland FP-90X Features Roland’s Renowned PureAcoustic Modelling Technology

Roland uses their brand new and highly sophisticated ‘PureAcoustic Modelling’ technology in the FP90X, which is an entirely sound modelled tone engine (no sampling). This gives musicians real-time control over the sound of their instrument and allows for higher levels of expression and nuance, much like on an acoustic piano. There are certain details of an acoustic piano that are practically impossible to recreate with just sound sampling in a digital instrument, which is why Roland’s approach with their ‘PureAcoustic Modelling’ technology has received such high praise. This sound engine was recently introduced in Roland’s top-quality LX home digital line, and it actually comes as a bit of surprise that they’ve decided to include it in an instrument that costs little more than half of the LX model (LX705).

There are two modelled piano sounds in the FP90X, representing the “two main schools” of piano style: European and American. Roland has also found a way to give both of these piano sounds: limitless polyphony. This is a really big deal as it puts literally no limit to the amount of tonal complexity the piano can produce. This combination of a purely modelled tone engine with an unlimited amount of polyphony makes the LX Series pianos from Roland wonderfully engaging and expressive instruments to play and makes them a genuine alternative to an acoustic piano.

In terms of other onboard sounds, there’s a variety of Electric pianos, organs, strings, and synths, for a total of 362 onboard sounds. And as far as the speakers are concerned, the FP90X is outfitted with a four-speaker system, powered by 60 watts of amplification. 60 watts is a ton of power for a portable digital piano, meaning there will probably be plenty of professional situations where you won’t even need to connect to an amp.

Roland FP-90X’s Bluetooth MIDI Connectivity

Roland gives you both Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth Audio on the FP-90X. This means you can stream music directly to the piano to take advantage of the excellent speaker system, and you can also connect your Smartphone or device wirelessly to the piano to have fun with your favorite apps, such as Roland’s own Piano Designer app, or Garageband.

In terms of ports, the FP-90X offers 1/4″ L/Mono, R audio output jacks facilitating connection to an external sound system if required. There’s also a mini Stereo input jack as well. There are also traditional MIDI jacks for a wired connection as well.

USB to host and USB to device allows you to playback MIDI files, wav files, and audio files, and there’s also multiple Pedal (Damper/R, Sostenuto/C *1, Soft/L *1) jacks: TRS 1/4-inch phone type for direct connection to the 3 pedal unit system.

Last but not least, the FP90X also has a 1/4″ stereo headphone jack and a stereo miniature headphone jack for quiet practice.

Notable Features

If we’re to point to a specific notable feature, while it’s tempting to go with the PureAcoustic engine given how much less you have to spend to access this top engine in the FP90X, we really do have to mention the mic input. Mic inputs are not particularly common among performance level all-in-one portable digital pianos. For some folks, that feature alone is quite important and will instantly vault the FP90X to the top of their wishlist. Roland has added two new mic input-related control knobs, both a volume slider and gain knob, that weren’t present on the FP90.

  • Authentic grand piano touch from the PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) keyboard, which combines wood and molded materials for great feel and lasting durability
  • Uses the latest PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology instead of conventional sampling for a far richer, more detailed piano sound
  • Four speakers provide powerful and rich sound that’s ideal for intimate live performances
  • Premium selection of electric piano, strings, organ, and synth sounds, along with 30 registrations for storing favorite sound setups, including layers and splits for live performance
  • Mic input and vocal effects
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth wireless technology and play along with audio from your apps routed through the piano’s speaker system
  • Enhance performances with rhythm accompaniments from Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app
  • Flat, portable cabinet in black or white finishes
  • Optional KSC-90 stand and KPD-90 pedal (each sold separately) provide an elegant integrated look for home use
  • Compatible with DP-10 Damper pedal (included) or RPU-3 Triple Pedal (optional)

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