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Schimmel Fridolin F123 Tradition Upright Piano | Review & Demo

We're excited to showcase the elegant Schimmel Fridolin F123 Tradition Upright Piano! Assembled in China by Pearl River, Fridolin pianos are known for their brilliant tone and fast response. They are equipped with AAA solid soundboards which contribute to their unique sound. Fridolin commonly stand at 48” (121cm) in height, 59” (148cm) in width, and 24” (59cm) in depth. Created in Germany, Schimmel is a well respected brand which got its start in 1885 by Wilhelm Schimmel. He continued to build/sell pianos through the early 20th century until Pearl River purchased a majority of the company in 2016. Schimmel grand pianos have very bright and clear tones while their uprights have excellent bass. Both are handcrafted with attention to detail. 

Schimmel Fridolin 48.5" F123 Tradition Upright Piano | Polished Ebony

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