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Synths That Time Forgot: Roland's Super JX-10 and Jupiter-6


Zach Marr is back to check out some synthesizers that time, and synth fans, have chosen to forget. These synthesizers aren't particularly sought after or revered, like the classic polyphonic monsters of the Jupiter-8 or JX-8P. In the midst of Roland's awkward digital transition, in reaction to the Yamaha DX-7 taking over the market, these synths don't have the versatility of their "big brother" instruments. This is in part due to major tonal quality differences as a result of hardware changes, among other differences. Do you think these synthesizers deserve their obsolescence and rough reputation? Or do these instruments have their own merit and their own worth in the vast world of synths? Take a listen and tell us what you think! Sounds start at 8:37

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