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Ten Things you should know about Taylor Guitars BEFORE you buy one!

Taylor Guitars is one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic guitars in the world. Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug started Taylor Guitars in 1974 as two broke twenty year olds with a dream. Now the company builds some of the highest quality acoustic guitars utilizing cutting edge technology alongside new and unique designs. Taylor has never been afraid to experiment and try new things, pushing the design of the guitar further into the 21st century. With Andy Powers joining the company and pushing the design envelope even further it is safe to say that Taylor Guitars will continue to refine the acoustic guitar as it strives to make high quality, compelling instruments. As one of the Taylor Guitars dealers, Alamo Music has witnessed many of the changes that Taylor has implemented. Partnering with Taylor, Alamo Music has also been able to appreciate some of the many unique aspects of the company and what they bring to the acoustic guitar market. So if you are interested in purchasing a Taylor Guitar, here are three things you should know before you do.

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