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The Best Bass for the All-Around Musician | Fender Player Mustang PJ Bass

The Best Bass for EVERYONE

My name is Cooper, and I'm not a good bass player. If you're like me, maybe you're a singer-songwriter or a mainly-guitar playing musician that doesn't have enough nuance with the bass to compare to real deal bassists. I do, however, own a bass for a few reasons: mainly, if you're writing and recording music by yourself, it's always nice to have the bass available to lay down some simple bass lines and round out your tracks. We chose this super cool aged natural Fender Player Mustang PJ Bass as the ideal entry bass for guitar players like me-- a little shorter scale, lots of tonal options (Precision and Jazz bass pickups, hence "PJ"), and the overall quality that you expect from Fender at a really reasonable price. Check out the video and let us know if you agree or if you have another suggestion for a jack-of-all-trades bass for any musician. 

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