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The new Gibson Les Paul 50s Standard - Has Gibson quality improved?

For 2019 Gibson, under new leadership with CEO James Curleigh, introduced a new line of electric guitars, dividing the lineup into the vintage inspired Original Collection and the contemporary designed Modern Collection. With these changes was birthed a new Gibson Les Paul Standard, available as either a 50s or 60s model in a variety of finishes. The coveted Les Paul Goldtop is now available as a 50s Standard model, restoring the historic gold color to the "standard" nameplate. What Gibson has effectively done is answer the cries of Les Paul fans who have been clamoring for the Les Paul Standard to represent the historic flagship guitar that made it famous. The 50's Les Paul Standard features a traditional mahogany body with maple cap and zero weight relief. The rounded 50's style mahogany neck is topped with a rosewood fingerboard and trapezoid inlays. All of the classic hardware is present with an ABR-1 bridge, deluxe tuners and keystone tuning buttons. The burstbucker PAF style pickups and wired to audio taper pots and orange cap capacitors. The is no longer a PCB board with direct soldered pots. Les Paul fans rejoice! The big questions on everyone's mind with the new line is whether or not quality had improved. The internet has been a buzz for years with horror stories of guitars that never should have left the factory. Gibson assured everyone that under the new leadership regime quality would be a priority. With that in mind, we get candid about what we have seen in the past and what we see on this new guitar. Check it out!

Gibson Les Paul 50s Standard:

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