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Top 5 Piano Issues

With over 10,000 parts inside, pianos will almost always encounter issues that need to be addressed. Many seasoned piano players are also technicians diagnosing and fixing minor problems with their piano. Not every issue requires a professional expensive technician to repair it. Some issues are small and some are big, today we discuss the top 5 piano issues. 

  1. Sticky Keys - can be a number of causes from the key slip, felt or wood swelling or warping etc.
  2. Trap Work - the pedals can sometimes be an easy intuitive fix with a slipped rod or dowel. 
  3. Tuning - tuning a piano is important to not only make the instrument sound its best but to also keep it in good condition by keeping the proper tension on all the strings and components. Your piano tuner is key for identifying other problems that may need to be addressed.
  4. Voicing - voicing can change the color of a piano's sound. Changing the tone quality and making a piano "brighter" or "warmer" is accomplished through voicing. 
  5. Regulation - refers to how the action feels and responds to the fingers.

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