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CALL US TOLL FREE 844-251-1922

Trade-In/Trade-Up *Bonus Bucks - For a Limited Time, Receive 125% of the Value For Your Piano

Now is an ideal time to trade in a piano at Alamo Music. For a limited time, you receive 125% of the value for your piano towards a new piano. Whether you are a new customer with a piano that you would like to use as a Trade-In for 125% of its value towards a newer piano, OR you bought a piano from us and are looking to Trade-Up and apply 125% of the amount you paid us towards your dream piano, we can help.


Welcome new Alamo Musicians.  When you are purchasing a piano from us, we will always apply the highest possible value for your trade-in. But, for a limited time, we are adding an additional 25% Bonus Bucks to your trade-in piano's value.


When you buy a piano from Alamo Music, we give you the opportunity to get 100% of that value towards an upgraded piano.  But, for a limited we are adding an additional 25% Bonus Bucks to your Trade-Up Piano's value. All we ask when trading up, is that the upgrade piano you choose be at least 2.5 times the original value.

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