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Yamaha CLP745 vs CLP785 - Clavinova Comparison - Digital Piano Buyer's Guide - DEMO

People have been waiting for Yamaha to release the new CLP 700 series and then waited again to see them available in stores. They are finally here! The new tech is amazing and these new models are the closest Yamaha has ever come to perfectly replicating the nuances of a grand piano's touch and tone in a single digital piano. 


We’ve found that many buyers who are looking for the best possible replication of the touch and sound of a grand piano in a price range of under $6,000 will narrow it down to two models, the CLP 745 and the CLP 785

In this article we'll attempt to show you the differences between these two models and hopefully help you make the right purchase for your family. 

New CLP 745

CLP 745

The CLP 745 starts at $3499 and comes in five trims - Ebony Polish, Matte Black, White, Dark Walnut and Rosewood.

New CLP 785GP

CLP 785

The CLP 785 starts at $5799 and comes in Ebony Polish, Matte Black and White Polish.


  • The CLP 745 buyer is looking for the best tone and touch they can get under a certain price point. The CLP 745 is the least expensive Clavinova equipped with solid wood keys, a larger sound system and bluetooth audio + midi. It’s also the best digital piano i’ve ever played under $4,000 and it’s not even close.
  • The 745 buyer often has a household of beginners and might be struggling to justify modeling up from a nice 4 cylinder sedan to an 8 cylinder luxury sports car. Just keep in mind that your kids won’t always be beginners and you may be able to appreciate the extra horsepower later.


  • The 785 buyer is someone accustomed to buying top of the line products.
  • They have the money to invest and are just looking for the best instrument out there.
  • They are serious players who can immediately tell the difference between the 745 and 785.
  • Others have aspirations to play better down the road and want a piano they can grow into.
  • Looks matter, and the studio upright cabinet in the 785 is more appealing than the smaller digital piano cabinet in the 745.



Upgraded Samples - The CLP 745 and 785 both have upgraded CFX and Bosendorefer samples but the sound is only as good as the speaker system delivering that sound.

The Grand acoustic imaging technology found in the 785 combined with new 3 way speakers with speaker box and transducer offer a level of clarity from bass to treble that will rival any high end speaker system under $10,000. They have optimally balanced and repositioned the bass, mid, and treble speakers to create more of a 360 degree sound effect. The 785 also adds transducers to deliver sound from the top of the cabinet, creating a natural sound field, much like the resonance from a grand piano soundboard.

Grand Expression modeling technology captures the limitless differences in tone created by the complex interaction between the movements of the hammers, the strings, and the dampers—by detecting even the slightest key acceleration when striking a note, the piano assigns a heavier tone to keys pressed hard, and a clear tone to keys pressed lightly. Your legato playing will be smoother, the change of tonal color will be more pronounced which will result in musical expression filled with more texture variation. For instance, Grand Expression Modeling can tell the difference between the melody line and the accompaniment.


CLP 785 Grand Touch action with counterweights an 88 note linear keys

The new Grandtouch-S keyboard found in the CLP 745 is exceptional in its price range but the CLP 785 Grandtouch action with counterweights and 88 note linear keys is the best the industry has to offer. The CLP 785 boasts the longest key of any digital piano out there creating a balanced feel across the keyboard and lightening fast repetition able to accommodate even the most advanced classical repertoire.

The “Key Stop” feature on the 785 simulates the natural piano feel when the key is struck and hits the bottom. There is less bounce (and less noise)

GP Response Damper Pedal on the 785, offers a grand piano-style resistance curve, starting out light to the touch and growing heavier as the pedal is depressed further. This allows for more control of the sustain when you need to play staccato or legato notes.


THE CLP 745is the least expensive CLP model with wood keys, larger speakers and bluetooth audio + midi. It is perhaps the best value of any piano in the line 

THE CLP 785 is perhaps the closest anyone has ever come to replicating all of the nuances of grand piano tone and touch. If you have it in the budget to get the best, you won’t regret the investment. 

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