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Yamaha TransAcoustic™ Piano - Acoustic authenticity in a digital world

The Yamaha TransAcoustic™ piano introduces a new way for you to musically connect with your instrument, enhancing the playing experience by using all elements of the acoustic piano to augment and amplify digitally generated sounds. 

The TransAcoustic piano will envelop you in a way that even the most sophisticated speaker systems cannot. Expand the sonic footprint of your acoustic piano to meticulously recreate the sound of a 9-foot Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, transform it into an electric piano, add orchestral strings to the acoustic piano, or access your favorite keyboard patches via midi. The TransAcoustic piano stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

TransAcoustic™ mode: 

Full acoustic sound for all occasions

TransAcoustic™ technology makes it possible to control playing volume without losing the rich sound only an acoustic piano can provide. Enjoy authentic acoustic sound any time you wish by adjusting the volume to suit the time of day, the surroundings and the preferences of player and people around them.

SILENT Piano™ mode: 

Immerse yourself in the natural sound of the piano

Yamaha CFX Binaural Sampling provides such natural sound that you may forget you are wearing headphones. Coupled with VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling) that faithfully reproduces the distinct resonance and overtones of an acoustic piano, this technology allows you to immerse yourself in the natural sound of the piano without being disturbed by others.

A Diverse Range of Voices: 

The rich sound of your favorite voices pour out of the entire piano

Choose from a variety of voices, including two world-renowned concert grand pianos—the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial—electric pianos, harpsichords, organs, and many more. Only TransAcoustic™ pianos produce these voices throughout the entire instrument, creating an authentic ambience.

- You can also use Smart Pianist App to select these voices from your device.

- The UD-WL01 USB Wireless LAN Adaptor (sold separately) is required to use Smart Pianist App over a wireless connection.

Connect wirelessly for Bluetooth® audio: 

Play audio files on the piano for a completely new experience

TransAcoustic™ technology expands the possibilities of acoustic pianos: now, enjoy audio files from your device with the natural, rich sound that only a piano soundboard can produce. Perform over your audio files, or simply listen in comfort while the piano itself behaves as a speaker—whether performing or listening, this new technology cements the pianos place in your everyday music life.

Acoustic Resonance For The Digital Domain

When a hammer strikes a string in an acoustic piano, all elements of the instrument resonate in harmony, amplifying and accentuating the performance. TransAcoustic technology uses these same acoustic elements to bring digital sounds to life adding an organic element.

Experience 3-Dimensional Sound

When we experience music through a traditional speaker, the sound is directed to our ears from a single source that does not resonate with its surroundings by design. When we play an acoustic piano, the sound is omni-present and resonates with all elements of the instrument, including the strings. TransAcoustic technology takes advantage of the piano soundboard by infusing it with vibrational energy using specially designed transducers. The result is an enveloping sound with true acoustic string resonance.

Technology Engineered To Optimize Acoustics

Commonly used transducers are too heavy to install on soundboards since the transducer weight would compromise the soundboards essential functions. In light of this, Yamaha developed transducers specifically for acoustic pianos, designing them in a way that only lightweight vibrating parts are installed on the actual soundboard. This then allows true reproduction of the sound of an acoustic piano

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