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CALL US TOLL FREE 844-251-1922

Band Instrument Repair

Alamo Music Center is a full line dealer with a service department to match! Our band and orchestra shop is ready to bring new life to your instrument for years to come. Whether it be a single pad on your clarinet, or a full overhaul of your saxophone, we are ready to serve you.

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Types of Band & Orchestral Instrument Repair Services

Reach out to Alamo Music Center to have your band or orchestra instrument repaired when you notice it feels off as you play or the sound has changed. Common repairs for this vast group of instruments include:

  • String instrument repairs: Whether you're playing violin or double bass, strings break, bridges and soundposts fall down, and the wood may become damaged. We can repair the body and fingerboard, restring the instrument, and make various adjustments to the full family of string instruments.
  • Woodwind instrument repairs: Due to the fine parts involved, wind instruments go through a significant amount of wear and tear during a year. Along with cracking from moisture, we can assist with replacing pads, repairing and remaking keys, replacing corks, and other adjustments.
  • Brass instruments: Especially when players don't clean their instrument, scale accumulates. We can assist with cleaning brass instruments, along with removing dents, repairing valves and making other adjustments.
  • Professional cleaning: Oil and other debris build up on instruments through everyday practice. Especially in hard-to-reach areas, these can't always be easily removed. Along with preventative care, schedule in annual cleanings for your band or orchestral instrument.
  • Age- and Storage-Related Repairs: Poor conditions in your home or storage area, especially when you don't use the case, can significantly damage your instrument, even if you don't play on it. Alamo Music Center can assess your instrument's state, thoroughly clean it, and perform repairs to ensure its playability going forward.
  • Diagnosis: Your instrument seems to play, but you're still experiencing issues. Even if you're in the habit of caring for your band or orchestral instrument, have our team assess its condition and recommend all necessary services.

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