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For decades, many piano owners have lived with a continuing problem. Someone in the family needs to play or practice during certain hours — but those hours conflict with the schedules of others who needed to study, sleep or simply require a quiet environment. In other cases, the sound of the piano was too loud for the neighbors next door or residents in adjoining apartments. Those piano owners had long dreamed of an instrument that could provide the satisfying touch of a high-quality acoustic piano with sound that can be heard only by the player. That solution has finally arrived! Kawai AnyTime Pianos are fully acoustic instruments equipped with digital capability that allows them to be played at any time of the day or night without disturbing others. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, the Kawai AnyTime Pianos are the perfect solution for for those who need the freedom to play or practice on a performance-quality instrument whenever they want.


Perfect for:

  • Players who want the touch of an acoustic piano with the privacy of headphones
  • Late night or early morning practice without disturbing family or neighbors
  • Apartment living where piano practice is restricted to specific hours of the day
  • Homes where the piano must share space with computers and other media devices


The slide-out control panel placed discreetly below the keybed incorporates a large LCD display and an array of control buttons that provide convenient access to digital features without diminishing the piano’s traditional appearance.

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