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D'Addario MG10N Normal Tension Guitarron Strings

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D'Addario MG10N Normal Tension Guitarron Strings

MG10N is a normal tension string set optimized for Guitarrón with Phosphor Bronze basses and Clear Nylon wound trebles. D'Addario's portfolio of products designed specifically for World Instruments is based on research and product testing with instrument builders, educators, and professional musicians.


Coating: Coated
Number Of Strings: 6
Set Type: Sets
Monofilament Material: Nylon
Wrap Material: Phosphor Bronze

Note: A Diameter: 0.098 in Tension: 21.644 lbs
Note: E Diameter: 0.075 Tension: 48.59
Note: C Diameter: 0.060 Tension: 30.61
Note: G Diameter: 0.098 Tension: 15.715
Note: D Diameter: 0.082 Tension: 6.258
Note: A Diameter: 0.110 Tension6.497

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