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Pre-Owned SonorOrff Chromatic TAKM 20 Tenor-Alto Metallophone

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Original price
$585.00 - $585.00
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The TAKM 20 is a chromatic extension for TAKM 10.

Resonator Box with Bars:
c-sharp1, d-sharp1, g-sharp1, c-sharp2, d-sharp2, g-sharp2, c-sharp3

Type: tenor alto
Sound bar color: grey
Sound bar material: metal, specially alloyed
Resonator Box Cosntruction: 5 chambers made of pine plywood
Series: Meisterklasse
Tuning: Overtone tuning up to b1, fundamental tuning from c2
Lowest Note: c-sharp1
Highest Note: c-sharp3
Number of Notes: 7
Sounds Bars: metal, specially alloyed, grey, 38 mm x 10 mm
Sound Bar Width: 38 mm
Sounds Bar Thickness: 10 mm

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