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Now is the time!

Now is the time to prepare for the coming school year. 

We are halfway through July which means school will begin in a few short weeks. While we do not know exactly what school band might look like, we do know summer will transition into the coming school year when we can participate  in our school community. 

New seasons bring new opportunities! Developing healthy habits with an eye toward the future helps us create our own opportunities. 

Now is the time to 'prepare the field' by building good habits. 

Completing small, easy tasks helps achieve larger goals. If we remove a few stones from the yard each day, next week the mowing will be easier. If we decide what to wear tomorrow at the end of today, we save time in the morning. If we read a chapter each day, we finish the book sooner. Decide the type of person you want to be, and prove it to yourself with small wins. 

Building good habits is easy when we remove the friction points. If you want to be an artist, draw pictures every day. If you want to be a musician, practice and listen to music every day.  If you want to make it easier to practice your music, build your practice routine and track your wins every day. 

Now is the time for music education. 

Music is good for the brain. It is a good way to learn self control and discipline which is the key to success in all things. Learning music helps us learn about ourselves and how we relate to others. A musical education helps 'connect the dots' among other subjects like math, science, history, and language arts. 

The goal is not just to learn an instrument, the goal is to become a musician. The more you repeat a behavior, the more you develop the identity of that behavior. Each time you practice our instrument, you are a musician. People who make a specific plan for when and where they will perform a new habit and more likely to follow through. 

A simple way to start is to fill out this sentence: I will [specific task] at [specific time] in [specific location]. 

Create your own system to make consistent progress. Then keep your system running to generate results. 

Now is the time for great deals on school band instruments! 

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