4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Join Band

Here are four great reasons to join the band!

When it comes to extracurricular activities for your child, there are fewer better to join than band or orchestra. Music education is excellent for your child’s mental and physical development, and leads to good things.

More than 65% of high school graduates participated in some kind of music program during their school years. For college graduates, that number reaches 86%. For post-graduates, that number tops out at almost 90%. Also, 83% of people earning six-digit salaries participated in school music programs. 

1. Band provides a positive, supportive environment for every student. 

Band students are members of a multi-layered team working together every day. Band students learn to control and evaluate their personal contribution to each class. 

Band students develop social skills, personal responsibility, and the ability to work on a team. Band is a safe, supportive place for students to develop their individual skills and personalities.  

2. Band teaches self control, personal discipline, and strong character traits. 

Band members develop self control taking care of their class materials and instrument. Band members develop personal discipline and effective time management skills through daily class routines. 

Band members are accountable to each other for their abilities and contribution to the group. Band members develop life skills. 

Commitment, teamwork, discipline, dedication, and mastery of an instrument are life skills that will help your student overcome future personal and professional obstacles and hurdles. 

3. Music education supports success in every other subject. 

Learning the language of music engages visual, auditory, and physical modes of learning. Reading music notation requires each band member to decode written symbols at a specific speed to create an immediate product which is then heard and evaluated by others. 

The physical and mental performance skills developed by music students improve their performance in math, science, language arts, writing, and every other school subject. 

Human brains are wired for music. Students who learn music become better at language, mathematics, and demonstrate higher verbal IQ scores. 

Music is also great at relieving stress and reducing depression and anxiety which is especially important for teens. Music also slows the brain’s aging process, helps with sleep, and even helps the immune system.

4. Band improves the culture of the school and larger community.

School band performances support the structure of the school year, and provide opportunities to bring the community together. Band members contribute to the personality of the entire school and have the opportunity to perform for multiple public events. 

The confidence and problem solving skills band members develop as they participate in public performances help them develop into responsible citizens who improve society. Students who perform together for years in orchestra or band enjoy lifelong friendships.

Joining the band is a low-risk, high-benefit way for students to develop self-confidence, grit and determination required to succeed in any field.

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