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Music Makes The Difference



Alamo Music Center is dedicated to partnering with local teachers to further the development of their students and studios. Our partnership program combines development grants, services and direct student referrals to help further grow your lesson studio.

To find out how this program can benefit your lesson studio and increase your roster, fill out the brief form below, and Alamo Music Center will get back to you in the order in which it is received. We look forward to speaking with you and learning about your studio!

Why Partner with Alamo Music Center?

Perhaps you're a new music teacher - or you've been operating independently for a number of years. You enjoy watching students progress and become interested in making music, but from advertising to setting up a website, growing your studio can becoming time consuming. You, too, are likely a performing musician and have gigs to practice for.

Our Music Makes the Difference teacher partnership program benefits instructors like you in a few regards:

  1. Alamo Music Center works with a wide spectrum of individuals looking for music lessons, be it those who recently purchased an instrument and those involved in a school's band or orchestra program seeking supplemental instruction. Our program directs them to you to start lessons.
  2. We help them find an instrument, be it through purchasing directly through us or signing up for our rental program. We further assist with sizing them for their current and future instruments and provide repair services.
  3. You will likely have more time to focus on teaching, rather putting in the consistent legwork to attract new and retain existing students. You, in turn, can have a regular pool of individuals for lessons, be it those interested in learning a new instrument or those wanting to succeed in their school's program through tailored, personal outside instruction.
  4. For supplies and music, Alamo Music Center helps your students get set up with all the essentials, including for maintenance and practicing at home.

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